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Freelance Virtual Assistant Services by Zosyl Arocha

“Sometimes, in order for us to succeed, we just need an extra pair of hands to help us out and a great mind to exchange ideas and share our thoughts with.” 

                                                              -Zosyl Arocha 

16 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  1. Do you have enough time for yourself?

  2. Quality time with your family?

  3. Is your work eating up your day?

  4. Do you have to spend extra hours just to finish your tasks?

  5. Do you just want to have a break for an hour, for a minute or for a day?

  6. Are the work-to-do piling up every day?

  7. Or is your business ever-growing that you can no longer manage all the tasks?

  8. Do you need someone who can monitor and manage your emails?

  9. Or somebody who can supervise your website?

  10. A person who can write blogs for you?

  11. Do you need a Social Media Manager?

  12. Do you want to hire a personal assistant to schedule all your daily work tasks?

  13. Track your business?

  14. Do you need someone to transcribe videos, voicemails, files, etc.?

  15. Someone who can transfer all the data to your worksheets and create report for you?

  16. Do you want to avail the advantage of having an assistant online at the same time, will cost you less?

      If you’re one of these. Then, you need help right now.It’s time to hire your Virtual Assistant and keep going with your business.


Zosyl  is a mom to a 2-year old brilliant toddler, Kihr; a student and an online freelancer. She has a 4-year 


Services offered, but not limited to:

  • Virtual Assistance

  • Email management

  • Calendar management

Why Hire

A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants play an important role in the business. Though virtual as they are, but still an asset and great contributors to the fleet of the business...

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